Billerica, MA 01821 Real Estate Market 01-04-19

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Market trends, sales and home prices in the Billerica MA area as of 01-04-19.
Homes are now averaging 67 days on the market.
Billerica, MA: In the past 90 days 49%of the 71 houses sold in Billerica went for at or above the asking price.

Median sold price was $450,000.
As of 01-04-19   there are 84 homes currently for sale in Billerica, MA

71 homes over 90 days days divided by 3 months = 23.67 houses per month.
84 houses currently available for sale divided by 23.67 houses per
month = 3.5 months of “inventory” ( houses available for sale.)
So we currently have 3.5 months worth of inventory in Billerica, MA.  A Seller’s market.
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0 – 5 months of inventory available is a Seller’s market.
5 – 7 months of inventory available is a Neutral market.
7 or more months of inventory available is a Buyer’s market.

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