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Actually winning, or losing, a home can happen in an instant.  And that’s why one of my main tenets of service is RESPONSIVENESS.  As a buyer, you’re competing with other home-buyers for the same property.  Because I’m available to you 24 hours a day, 8 days a week, we’ll give ourselves a distinct advantage over all other buyers.  Here are my main tenets that lead to our success together:

  • Negotiation:  I bring my 20 plus years of negotiating power to bare on all agreements we engage in together.
  • Masterful Market Knowledge:  I’ve lived in the Billerica, MA area for my whole life and, for many people, I’ve become a staple and cherished “family member” in the community.  Having seen the many market cycles throughout the area, I’m especially attuned to the ebb and flow of market conditions.  This translates into you getting  a highly knowledgeable, and known, tour guide on your search for that dream home !
  • Education:  The field of real estate is constantly changing, new laws are being enacted, and new strategies for helping people like you are being developed.  By being on the cutting-edge of these developments, I ensure that you gain maximum benefit from my knowledge.
  • Too Many Benefits:  I provide buyers with special tools that only the most serious real estate agents can provide.  Just ask me, and I’ll share them : -)

The first thing we do, when you agree to let us serve you, is assign a designated marketing specialist to focus on finding a ready, willing, and able buyer for your home.  Our marketing specialists have a ten point system that begins being implemented IMMEDIATELY.  More than that though, we offer the following:

  • Free Staging:  Being the owner of Curtis Knight Entertainment (award winning wedding services company), I have the distinct advantage of being able to “stage” a space so that visitors will feel enchanted.  And this is very necessary in real estate, so that the potential buyer can actually see themselves living in the home you’re selling !
  • Video and Photo Production:  In my opinion, nothing sells a home quite so well as captivating, professional video and photo. Again, we offer our Curtis Knight Entertainment services for free in order to help you sell your house.
  • Open Houses:  We’ll provide catered food, beverages (soda, coffee, water), and candid salesmanship to help you sell your property.  Not only that, but we’ll contact our vast network of agent colleagues to come and bring their buyers too !
  • Advertising:  When you allow us to serve you, you’ll be getting a team of marketing specialists working around-the-clock to attract ready, willing, and able buyers.

Please, to learn more about the services we offer to sellers, enjoy our guide:  Strategic Home-Selling