Sold: Single family property, Billerica, MA – buying during a government shutdown

Congratulations to Cassy and Artie!  They allowed me to be their Buyer Agent while they were searching for their new home.  North Billerica, MA is where they found their perfect place.

Getting approved during a government shutdown while doing it quickly:
There were several factors in this transaction happening during the governmental shutdown that took place January, 2019.  The shut down delayed necessary approvals and stopped the purchase entirely. This necessitated a specialized loan program with the VA so that this loan could happen.  Curtis introduced them to John Amentola at Cross Country Mortgage who was able to get them to their closing.  We thank Cassy and Artie for their service to our country and did not want to let them down.  They ended up closing several days earlier then planned thanks to John and his teams expertise.  It was a complete win for everyone.

Artie’s Review:
Curtis is AMAZING. He went above and beyond to help my family find the home they wanted. Every step of the way Curtis shined and was able to assist us in finding a home, and he went above and beyond to see to every detail and questions that arose.

Cassy’s Review:
Curtis is amazing. He didn’t lose any enthusiasm through out our entire journey as first time home buyers looking at house after house in multiple states, and when we finally found our dream home Curtis worked so hard getting us in there that we ended up closing two weeks ahead of schedule. We very much appreciated the constant quick and easy communication with him and his ability to keep us positive though out the entire process.


Photos from their big day during their closing!

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Cassy and Artie on the day they closed on their new home while sitting at the closing table at the Lowell, MA Registry of Deeds

Young couple smiling, on the day they closed on their new home, holding "Curtis Knight Real Estate" 20 oz mugs

Cassy and Artie holding “Curtis Knight Real Estate” 20 oz mugs on the day they closed on their new home,

Young couple smiling, on the day they closed on their new home, holding "Curtis Knight Real Estate" 20 oz mugs

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