How to Get Ready When Preparing to Buy a House

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So, you know that you’re in a position to buy your ideal home, but now you need to know how to get ready when preparing to buy a house.


Here are the 3 things you need to do when considering how to get ready when preparing to buy a house:

1.  Get your pre-qualification letter from the bank.  After the bank does a cursory look over the information you’ve provided them, they’ll come up with a number.  This number will indicate how high you can go to spend on your house.  We’ll take your pre-qualification letter as we search for your ideal home and present it to the seller when we make an offer.

2.  With pre-qualification in hand, we’ll submit an offer on the house of your choosing.  A common question that arises for new home-buyers is, “What if we make an offer and it gets accepted and we have an inspection and we decide that we don’t want the house?!”  It’s a GREAT question and one that often comes up as new home-buyers learn how to get ready when preparing to buy a house.  The simple truth is that when we submit an offer on the house, we’ll include verbiage that allows you the sole discretion to withdraw from the transaction within 24 hours of the inspection.

3.  After you’ve read the inspection report you can either say, “Yes, I’d like to move forward”, and we’ll draw up the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  Or you can say, “No, I don’t want to purchase the house”, and we’ll continue searching for another house.
While many wonder how to get ready when preparing to buy a house, you now know the three main steps that you need to take along the road to your very own home purchase.


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